The virtual Gliding Club for Microsoft Simulator

We are gliding and flight simulation enthusiasts, the 'UKVGA' is our virtual Gliding Club, and we fly cross-country soaring tasks both online and offline with MSFS2020 to the equivalent of real world Gliding Club sites.

The UK Virtual Gliding Association is the equivalent of a British Gliding Association gliding club, following the same ethos, operational practises and award schemes. With MSFS2020 and some amazing soaring software, we aero-tow or winch launch into dynamically generated thermal and ridge lift.

Flying our twice-weekly cross-country 'Club' and 'Open Class' tasks in challenging weather conditions and visually stunning scenery, we join other gliders along the way, often sharing the same thermal.

In addition to soaring in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, we also participate in competitions organised by the 'Condor: the Competition Soaring Simulator' community. We study the art of soaring, try to fly well and improve, and use all the instrumentation available to the modern soaring pilot, including a GPS-enabled flight computer and variometer.

Tasks are published on the forum, .igc files are captured and performances analysed using flight analysis software.

We are a friendly and very active community, and we offer a large range of gliding scenery, and many soaring tasks and 'missions' to help you gain your Silver, Gold and Diamond gliding awards. In this way we represent the fun, friendship and challenge of soaring at a typical real-world Gliding Club.

We are, have been, or would like to be real-world glider pilots and we think it right, and fun, to follow the practice and discipline of real-world good airmanship in our gliding operations. However, if you are new to gliding, real or virtual, we offer helpful 'how to' manuals covering the basics, setting up, launching, soaring and configuring advanced soaring software.

You can have your own dedicated instructor and multi-player shared cockpit sessions to teach you to fly the glider and how to soar. Using a popular voice utility to talk on-line, we can help you configure your multiplayer software, and join us in the queue for a launch!

If you would like to join us, and have full access to our resources and our forum, please click on the Membership tab at the top of the page to find out more.